Send SMS to DND and Non-DND Numbers

Send SMS to DND and Non-DND Numbers

Send SMS to DND and NON-DND numbers Nigeria offers you the opportunity to send single or bulk sms online in Nigeria at the cheapest prices in Nigeria. The cost of sending single sms with your phone in Nigeria to various networks can be expensive. We offer promotional and transactional sms routes. Transactional route though it is more expensive, allows you to send sms to DND numbers with a registered Sender ID. You can also schedule your bulk sms to send when you are offline. Some of our features are Customized Sender Id, Scheduler, Instant Delivery, Instant Delivery Report, Address Book, covers 550+ networks worldwide, API integration, Resellership, and much more..

Churches, Politicians, Offices, Businesses, Individuals or people outside Nigeria can benefit from this bulksms solution. Bulk sms resellership is also available for entrepreneurs and business owners. We also have a database of GSM numbers that can be purchased and used for your bulksms campaigns and new business awareness.

send sms to dnd and non-dnd numbers in Nigeria

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Our Bulk SMS Features include the following:

  • Send Single, Personalized or Bulk SMS
  • Schedule Bulk SMS Up To 12 Months, Birthdays, Anniversaries, e.t.c
  • Transactional SMS Routes – Sends SMS to DND and NON-DND Numbers
  • Promotional SMS Routes – Sends SMS to NON-DND Numbers only
  • Address Book, Group Contact
  • Send SMS to DND and NON-DND numbers Nigeria
  • Checks Duplicate Numbers, Hence Saving Your Credits From Wasting
  • Become a Reseller Today!
  • HLR Lookup and Flash SMS
  • Instant Bulk Sms Delivery Report (GUARANTEED DELIVERY)


  • Visit and sign up. Price chart is on the price-list page.
  • You can also use your ATM Card to buy sms credit automatically

Affordable Bulk SMS Campaign

Bulk sms campaigner is an affordable messaging tool that avails you the channel to reach your audience. As long as your audience number is active, we guarantee 99.9% delivery rate. Our bulk sms campaign is effective and reliable.

There are more mobile phones in use in the Nigeria than Televisions and personal computers combined. Over 65 Million mobile subscriptions are on record! At a minimum, almost everyone has a cell phone with texting capability. If you observe the public in general, especially in metropolitan areas, people are always on their mobile devices. Virtually every Nigerian has a phone on-hand all of the time, meaning the advertising tool is in the pocket or purse of nearly every customer and potential customer.

Mobile usage has exploded over the past few years and it is not expected to slow down any time soon. In fact, it’s expected to continue to grow at astonishing rates over the next several years. We live in a new digital information age with improved communication methods that put you in immediate contact with your audience. One of them, Bulk SMS Campaigning, has quickly emerged as a great leverage for SMEs, large corporations, government, political groups, airlines, financial institutions, marketplace, etc.

Compared to other forms of advertising, SMS marketing provides the lowest cost and highest ROI that is crucial in today’s shrinking economy and budgets. Many companies have cut back on traditional marketing due to costs. SMS marketing is also permission based. The customers have given you permission to contact them through an SMS platform. Customers that opt-in to receive information are most likely to buy.

If used properly, text message marketing is a technology more powerful than Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare combined. The key is to know how to use it properly in an individual situation. To run an SMS campaign properly, it takes a mix of experience, creativity, and knowledge.

Bulk SMS Campaigning is the next stage of marketing for most companies. If you are doing other forms of marketing and not mobile, then you are missing on lots of traffic, sales and revenue. Remember that nothing else compares to Bulk SMS Campaigning.

We will provide you with an affordable sms gateway to send out your campaigns.

We will provide:

Affordable Gateway with 99.9% delivery rate
Free SMS Credits Aid Your Campaign
Spam blocker Feature (We do not allow spam messages via our sms gateway)
DND Override (Do-Not-Disturb Feature does not affect our sms gateway)
Delayed Delivery To Filter Spammed Messages
Alpha Sender IDs (only Letters are allowed)
Bulk Campaign 100,000 numbers or more

Our gateway would not deliver it bulk messages instantly, instead, it would be held for review in order to prevent fraud messages from being sent over our network. If the message is clean, it would be sent. Otherwise, it won’t. Please do not attempt to send fraudulent messages as your sms credits are non-refundable.

Sending messages with short code sender ids Such as 31025, 777, 20285, 11112 are not allowed. Use of Bank Names and Major Company names are blacklisted as Sender Names using Unlimited SMS. Bank Names, Telecom Keywords and other

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