Direct marketing message via SMS

For individuals or organisations sending direct marketing message via SMS:

There are three steps to follow when sending out SMS messages for promotional campaigns:

You should only be sending out bulk SMS messages to customers who have consented to receive marketing messages from you. There are two types of consent:

Express consent – the message recipient has specifically requested messages from you/your company or organisation.
Inferred consent – there may not be a clear indication of consent, but due to an existing relationship with the customer, it is expected that you/your company will contact said customer.

Your messages need to clearly indicate the person, company or organisation that is sending the message.

You should always offer the recipient the option to stop receiving your communications, allowing them to indicate that they no longer wish to receive SMS messages from you/your company or organisation.

Great ideas for Using SMS with Bulk SMS in Nigeria

Bulk SMS in Nigeria is a great way to communicate and there is no end to its uses.

From businesses to individuals and groups, keeping touch is easy with, by InfoTek Perspective Services.

Bulk SMS Banking
SMS services enable banks to provide better customer service. These include sending transaction notifications, balances summaries or statement notifications or information services such as rates and special offers.
Bulk SMS Bidding
SMS services extend the functionality of auctions services to the mobile and wireless devices such as mobile bidding and many other special interest alerts.
Bulk SMS Company
SMS services to help a company stay in touch with their staff and customers by sending meeting confirmations, important notices, incentive messages and product announcements.
SMS services which allows enhanced interaction with the customer like promotion campaign, complaint management system, logistics support and supply chain management.
Bulk SMS Credit Card
SMS services to notify when purchases are made, of current balances and special offers.
Bulk SMS Financial
SMS services to send portfolio information, stock quotes, price alerts and news headlines.
Bulk SMS Groups
SMS services to help groups communicate with each other about activities, meeting and special interest information.
Bulk SMS Info
SMS services that send news, sports scores, weather, horoscopes, classifieds and exchange rates.
Bulk SMS Locate
SMS services offering driving directions, yellow pages, street address directory, e-taxi, traffic delays and flight arrival/departure updates.
Bulk SMS Marketing
SMS services to support marketing campaigns and promotional activities via coupons, special offers and incentives.
Bulk SMS Personal Info
SMS services offering reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, gifts, public holidays, bill payments, meetings, tasks and events.
Bulk SMS Reserve
SMS services for the notification of availability of movie tickets, restaurant reservations and hotels availability.
Bulk SMS School
SMS services to send absentee alerts, special announcements, exam notifications, result notifications, event notifications and parent notifications.
Bulk SMS Shopper
SMS services to announce product availability, holiday specials and mobile coupons.

Personalized Bulk SMS in Nigeria

Personalizing the SMS is the key to increasing the value over time. If for example you are a car rental agency and want to promote the rental of luxury cars, sending an incentive SMS to someone who only rents economy cars probably won’t be relevant to that customer. On the other hand sending the SMS to those customers who rent luxury cars or the level below probably will elicit a response as the SMS is relevant to that customer.

Another example is that of a restaurant who wants to generate business on less busy nights. Determining what other night a customer might be likely to dine out would be important. Send the customer a discount voucher to be used within one week on a non-weekend night as a first step. Then track which night they came and perhaps what they ordered. Then send them a follow-up SMS with an incentive to dine on the same night the next week and enjoy a similar meal.

There are many ways to personalize SMS’s and make the most out of your marketing investment. Creating personalized SMS’s that are relevant to the receiver does take more planning but with a greater impact rate this will be worthwhile.

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Free Text Messaging in Nigeria

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Free Text Messaging in Nigeria:

On purchase of N10k worth of SMS, we can offer you free text message credits. Bulk SMS in Nigeria offers different price rates for GSM networks in Nigeria. We ensure that you pay according to your usage. We believe in providing you 24/7 service without any interruptions.

That means you can buy sms with your ATM card online any time. We calculate the rates per sms page by the number of characters. Fore example 160 characters constitutes a ONE PAGE SMS. We believe in ONE SMS, ONE UNIT DEDUCTION. No need to debit unnecessary units just to transfer extra cost to our dear clients.

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Looking For Good Bulk SMS Company?

As a business, it is important to ensure that you can be able to reach your target customers when carrying out marketing campaigns. Bulk SMS service providers enable you to do just that while keeping costs as low as possible. Just as the service is named, bulk SMS services involve sending out a huge collection of messages to a huge number of recipients with added convenience. This service is also cheaper as compared to sending out single SMS messages to one recipient at a time.

Below we will take a look at some of the main factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best bulk SMS service from the available variety.


Cost – How Much Does It Cost Per SMS?

As a small business, it is essential that you stay on top of all costs. The cost of sending out bulk SMS communication to existing and potential clients is usually lower than the cost of using regular SMS messages. However, it is important to note that different bulk SMS service providers usually charge varying rates for different packages. Make sure that you carefully go through the available packages offered by different service providers so as to choose the best provider as per your needs and the cost of the service. We do not support hidden charges. Other companies charge 60kobo per sms, but after you send a single sms, they deduct 1.8 – 3.8 units. For example, if you have 5 units and you send to one (1) GSM number, they will secretly deduct 1.8 to 3.8 units per sms. At, we don’t do that. We deduct 1 UNIT for 1 SMS sent. Simple!


Network Coverage

Different clients usually use the services of different mobile telephone network providers. To ensure that your bulk SMS messages have been delivered to all recipients, it is vital that you use a bulk SMS service that works across all networks where the recipients are located. This also ensures that you do not have to seek the services of different service providers to fulfil your marketing objective.

User-Friendly Platform

It is important to note that once you have chosen a bulk SMS service provider, you will want to use it flawlessly and conveniently. The best bulk SMS service platform allows users to import all their contacts effortlessly on to the database. You ought to be able to buy credit any time 24/7. That is why we introduced online payment. You can also schedule your sms notifications, meetings, and etc on the fly.


Other Features

Other features to look for when comparing bulk SMS service providers include message responses. It is vital that all sent messages be delivered, and their responses are visible. As such, it is recommended that you choose a provider whose platform communicates the delivery status of each message as well as the responses from clients in a clear format. This enables you to conveniently communicate any responses as well as keep up with the delivery status of each message.

Keeping the above considerations in mind will help you find the best bulk SMS service provider suited to your specific needs. This will allow you to enjoy effective and reliable SMS communication at all times.

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