Why Buy Bulk SMS in Nigeria?

Buy Bulk SMS in Nigeria

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why Bulk SMS is the best tool to drive customer to your business:

A. Instant feedback: Bulk SMS in Nigeria is more instant than email and less intrusive than a phone call. Smart brands use bulk SMS to ask a customer to rate a service or give feedback immediately after an interaction. A two-way rating service can ask a customer how their experience was as soon as they leave a store.

Benefit to your business: Valuable input to kick start sales in Nigeria.

B. Foster a feeling of exclusivity:  Once you’ve demonstrated that you appreciate their feedback, reward customer loyalty with tailored promotions. Subscribed customers can be the first to know about sales happening or new branches opening. Boost sales even further by sending coupons straight to their phones.

Benefit to your business: Increased sales and improved customer loyalty.

C. Ultimate convenience: Customers are attracted to brands that respect their time and money. For example, it has become almost standard practice for e-commerce businesses to use well-timed Bulk SMS alerts to keep customers in the loop on their order and delivery status. Customized by name and order number, these bulk SMS messages provide a unique tracking link for real-time information. Customers are able to choose a suitable delivery time via two way SMS. Case in point, Nigerian airlines save their customers time by notifying them of changes or delayed flights.

Benefit to your business: Reduced call center expenses, increased clients’ happiness.


D. Smartly reach every customer: 

Identify your best shoppers and integrate SMS marketing with your CRM campaign. You only need a customer to opt in for mobile marketing to be able to tailor communications to their needs. Using location-based marketing, you can message a customer when they are near your store to invite them in for a time-specific offer. Buy Bulk SMS in Nigeria  works on any handset, on any network, in any language, in almost any country in the world.

Benefit to your business: Targeted communications reduces marketing waste.

E. Customer success through customer care

Finally, SMS messaging is a great self-service customer care tool. It saves customers from picking up the phone, having to sit through a menu of endless voice prompts. For example, satellite V provider DSTV or STARTIMES provide customers with various SMS options to reset errors, find their nearest installer and much more.

Benefit to your business:

Reduced customer care costs, less service queries. In summary, the ubiquity and platform independence of SMS make it one of the most practical, effective and affordable channels for talking to customers.

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