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SMS Ur Way and Voice SMS in Nigeria

SMS Ur WAY in Nigeria (also known as voice and text because we do voice sms and bulk sms in Nigeria) offers you the opportunity to send single or bulk sms or voice sms online in Nigeria at the cheapest sms prices. SMS Ur Way is located in Abuja, Nigeria. Recharge online 24/7 and get free sms credits. We offer voice sms as well. The cost of sending single bulk sms with your phone in Nigeria to various networks can be expensive. Buy bulk sms in Nigeria offers you a platform at a fixed cheapest rate where you can push out your bulk sms messages. You can also schedule your bulk sms to send when you are offline. Some of our features are Customized Sender Id, Scheduler, Instant Delivery, Instant Delivery Report, Address Book, covers 550+ networks worldwide, API integration, sms does not expire, bulk sms and voice sms reselling, and much more. Churches, Politicians, Offices, Businesses, Individuals or people outside Nigeria can benefit from this bulk sms solution. We automatically refund you on failed messages due to DND rejection. We also have a database of GSM numbers that can be purchased and used for your bulksms campaigns and new business awareness and new arrival bulk sms alerts. You can also take advantage of our Airtime VTU and Data Bundle recharge and top up your phone and TV Subscriptions online. Our recharge covers MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile (ETISALAT), Glo, DSTV, Startimes, and GoTV. On our data bundles covers MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile, and Glo

Now you can send sms to Do Not Disturb (DND) numbers without hassles! You also do not need to register a specific sender id. Every individual has his or her needs and one size never fits all. We bring to you bulk sms packages customized for you. SMS Ur WAY offers different price rates for GSM networks in Nigeria. We ensure that you pay according to your usage and as you buy bulk sms messaging in Nigeria, we give you free sms credits. We believe in providing you 24/7 service without any interruptions. That means you can buy sms with your ATM card online any time. We calculate rates per sms page by the number of characters. For example 160 characters constitutes a ONE PAGE sms. At SMS UR WAY, believe in Robust Gateway, Reliable Delivery, and Affordability. No extra charges! No gimmicks! No hassles! Become a bulksms Reseller Today!

Check our voice sms service. It is a per-second-billing system. No audio length restrictions and we do not charge for unanswered calls.

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 Airtime VTU Recharge, Data Bundle Recharge, and TV Subscription Recharge

About SMS Ur Way in Nigeria

SMS Ur Way in Nigeria (also known as voice and text because we do voice sms and bulk sms in Nigeria) is a product service of InfoTek Perspective Services Limited located in Abuja, Nigeria. Our mission as leading AISP (AISP stands for Applications and Infrastructure Service Providers) and leading bulksms provider in Nigeria is to achieve maximal clients and partners satisfaction through long-standing and prosperous partnership. We achieve such successful partnership by foremost being creative thereby delivering innovative and cost-effective sms solutions which will enable our clients and our bulk sms resellers to gain market success and beat their competitors.

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